How to identify and protect against mis-selling

As many as around 40,000 small and medium sized businesses have been the victims of swap mis selling as per the reports submitted by the FSA. It is very important to figure out whether you or your business has been affected by these hedging products or not. To figure this out you require expertise in the financial terms and good knowledge concerning treasury matters. This is why you need to seek the help of treasury experts before you draw any conclusions.

The experts at Glasgow are one of the best at handling these matters and they can help you understand the nature of your business at present and they can also help you to sort out your dealings with the banks. You can find them here.

Their website provides a detailed suggestion regarding the hedging products you have currently subscribed to. They are the best at advising you about the next step which you ought to take. In fact there is a list of facts which can help you figure out whether you will be a victim of swap mis selling or not. According to the treasury experts at Veritas Treasury, all the clients who were victims of mis selling were sold the products, when the banks often failed to:

  • Clarify what would happen if the interest rates fell
  • Clarify if there was a more suitable alternative
  • Clarify if the loans and the hedging products were different or the same products
  • Provide accurate examples of high performance of hedging products

So now you know the potential threat when you see it. Get in touch with the Veritas treasury to know more about your hedging problems. If you are already a victim of hedging you might require additional options to deal with these products. And you can also seek their help to speak to the banks with their proficiency. All these matters will be taken care of by the Veritas Treasury with ease once you approach them.

You could save yourself from heavy losses right now if you get in touch with them. Even if you are already affected, they can make sure that you and the banks reach an agreement. Of course if the banks do not agree to strike an agreement you can approach a legal advisor; but it is always best advised that you let the treasury experts handle it first since they have a better understanding of the language that banks speak.