4 Top Rated Air Purifiers for Home Use


As the holiday season comes around, you might be looking for the right gift for your loved one, or maybe even a good gift for yourself. One gift that should be on your radar this year is an air purifier. Many are unaware of the importance of your indoor air quality. Having good air quality is important because poor air quality and contaminants have the potential to wreak havoc on you or your loved one’s health. For this reason alone, it’s worth considering giving the gift of an air purifier this holiday. However, with the extensive market of purifying systems currently available for purchase, it’s challenging to choose the right one. Keep reading to explore the top-rated purifiers to get rid of indoor air pollution, as well as other gift ideas for your loved ones.

1. Save your loved ones from indoor air pollution.


There are countless reasons to own or gift a purifier. One of these reasons is to reap the health benefits. Unfortunately, indoor air tends to be full of various contaminants, from dust mites to animal dander. It’s even reported that indoor air is anywhere from two to five times worse than outdoor air. With this statistic in mind, you might be wondering how indoor air quality varies. The contaminants in indoor air are plentiful, from allergens like dust to pollen, mold, and even pet dander. All of these airborne particles get trapped in various places around the home like carpets or vents. When you have no way of cleaning this air, it’s constantly being circulated without removing the contaminants. When you gift the air cleaning benefits of a purifier to a family member, you’re helping improve their air quality but also their overall health.

2. Consider amping up your HVAC maintenance.

Even though a portable air purifier is an incredible gift, it’s also important to get your HVAC system checked to ensure you or your family member is getting the best indoor air quality. If removing pollutants and contaminants from the air in your home is of concern, call an HVAC service company to check your furnace and air conditioner to make sure that your home has proper ventilation this holiday season. You should also ask this professional to replace and check your furnace filter.

By installing a higher-quality, thicker furnace filter you will get great protection from air pollutants. These filters come in varying degrees of air filtration. By opting for a new furnace filter with a higher MERV number (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) you will be breathing better, cleaner air with far fewer pollutants in no time.

3. Purchase a high-end air purifier.

If you’re ready to make the purchase, and you have the money to spend, buy a high-end air purifier. These air purifiers generally don’t use a HEPA filter. Instead, these air cleaning devices rely on PECO technology. PECO stands for petrochemical oxidation, and this technology basically takes in the toxins and pollutants, rids of them, then pushes out the clean air. These high-end filters come at a pretty price to your wallet. One of the highest-rated models is the Molekule Air Purifier that retails for around 800 dollars. There are also high-end air purifiers that use HEPA filters, too. One of these models that is great for large areas is an Alen Breathesmart Large Room Air Purifier. This particular model covers up to around 1,300 square feet, so it may be worth the investment. Another reputable high-end brand is Dyson.

4. Opt for an affordable choice.

At the end of the day, you want to give a gift to family members that are affordable and effective. If this sounds like the case for you, then simply opt for an air purifier that’s within your price range like a Honeywell or BlueAir purifier. Generally speaking, if the air cleaning device covers less square footage, it will be cheaper. However, if this a gift for an older member of the family, consider getting an affordable purifier for their bedroom and another gift, too. Gift your family members like your grandparents or parents who may struggle with memory loss like Alzheimer’s something more useful for their routine as well. When looking for gifts for Alzheimer’s patients, try to be practical like an air purifier, while also giving something that sparks a smile and mental stimulation like a customized puzzle made with your photo.

All in all, air quality is an important factor in your life. By maintaining good indoor air quality and giving an air purifier to someone who you love this holiday season, you’re benefiting their health in a practical way for years to come.