5 Low-Cost Hobbies to Check Out This Winter


COVID-19 has hit the world hard on a few fronts, causing people to change their daily lives and activities. There really is no “normal” to speak of, as people practice social distancing, mask up, and try their best to stay healthy while the coronavirus continues to spread unabated.

For many, things are also a bit tight in the pocket, and money might not be as free-flowing as it used to be. So in light of these “restrictions” why not try a cost-effective way of having fun? Try picking up a hobby.

1. Digital Photography Via Your Smartphone


Rather than buying a new camera, one simple and cost-effective way that you can take part in this hobby is through the use of your smartphone. Smartphones also act as handheld cameras, acting as an easy-to-carry and user-friendly device for your photo-taking or video recording needs.

Furthermore, your phone can access digital storage areas where you can load plenty of your pictures and videos. The hard drive for some of these photo storage sites can provide you with unlimited photo storage so you can take as many pictures and videos as possible. Imagine being able to instantly place video or photos you’ve taken into an iCloud, which allows for unlimited photo storage? Picture and video storage can at times be cumbersome, taking up a lot of space on your phone which could be used for other apps.

2. Comic Book Collecting


Everywhere you look there are comic books being adapted for film and television. For example, let’s say you really enjoyed watching Avengers: Endgame or you thought that The Old Guard on Netflix was a solid summer watch. Take it a step further and try collecting the comic books that gave these movies and tv shows a reason to exist.

First, start by finding a local comic book store, and then look into ways that you can start building your very own comic book collection. This might include getting bookshelves for your comic books, long boxes for comic book storage in your closet, or even purchasing plastic sleeves for the books you want to keep in great condition.

3. Collecting Rocks and Minerals


Here’s an easy hobby to try that might be something that you can do with your family. Rocks and minerals are all around us and come in a variety of shapes and forms. When beginning to collect these items you want to begin by doing as much research as possible about the minerals you’re seeking out. Howard Fensterman, for example, is a rock-and-mineral enthusiast.

Howard Fensterman is a major source to learn about all things mineral and collecting related. You could also consider looking into joining a mineral or rock hunting club in your area, this way you’ll be able to find like-minded individuals who can help you out in your search for new minerals and rocks.

4. Collect Movies


If you’re stuck in the house, why not make the best of it? Get some popcorn, a snug blanket, and watch some movies. You can continue to grow your home movie collection so you can keep yourself healthy while enjoying quality entertainment. The internet provides a variety of places to pick up used or new titles, and you can even find places to buy such items in your neighborhood.

5. Meal Prep


Many people rely a bit too much on home-delivered meals. Most people feel that they don’t have all of the time required to make a meal, then think “why not do something easy like ordering out,” which comes with its own downsides (high costs for ordering, health concerns, and sometimes delivery drivers are placed at risk).

A way that balances out the constant desire to order takeout is to simply learn how to cook. Taking into consideration that you don’t really want to waste a lot of time cooking, there are options available where a person can learn how to create meals which are not only healthy but don’t take much time to prepare.