5 Signs Something Is Broken in Your Home


These days, we’re all spending more time at home than we thought we ever would. When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world and left so many people worldwide housebound, being a homeowner took on a whole new meaning. As the coronavirus spring turned into a quarantine summer, and the free time that came with social distancing turned into full-fledged boredom, new things have come to the attention of many homeowners. Maybe you noticed that your electrical bills are higher than you thought they’d be or noticed a gutter slowly sagging around the middle. Maybe your cooling system isn’t working as it should, or your radiator is knocking in an infuriating way. Either way, fixing up your house is good for your mental health—it serves as a very necessary distraction from the craziness of the world.

Whatever has caught your attention, calling a technician to fix things up serves two purposes. First, as a homeowner, you’re doing the right thing by keeping your property up to snuff. Remember, simple fixes left undone end up costing a whole lot more down the line. Second, learning more about your air conditioner or water pump during the quarantine is a great way to keep away the boredom and coronavirus blues. Think of it as a puzzle. Here are five ways to know that it’s time to call out a technician sooner rather than later.

1. Your energy bills are too high.


It makes sense that your electric bills will be higher now than they were when you were going to the office for much of the day, but not that much higher. If you seem to be paying way too much, you should check your cooling system. An air conditioner with dirty vents or that needs more coolant or refrigerant will be working much harder than an air conditioner that is well-maintained. Actually, not paying attention to air conditioner maintenance is a great way to literally throw money out of the air. Plus, you won’t be getting the fresh air that you’re paying all those hard-earned dollars to get. You want an HVAC system that cools properly and heats properly, too. Check your thermostat and vents for some easily observable issues, and if the thermostat or the vents aren’t the culprits you should call an HVAC technician to check about things like refrigerant leaks, low coolant levels, or problems with the coils.

2. Your water meter runs all the time.

Your water meter keeps track of how much water you’re using so that you can be billed accordingly. That being said, if you have a leak in a pipe, your meter will be running all the time—even if the faucets are closed in every room. Making it a part of your routine to check the water meter regularly is a great idea. Not only can a leak cost you money, but it can also lead to mold as well, which is very dangerous.

3. Your drain won’t stay clear.


Every once in a while your drain gets blocked—that’s normal. But if it’s happening on a regular basis that should be a major warning sign. Regularly blocked drains are a sign of something fishy happening in your pipes, and that’s a very bad thing. Sometimes a pipe block can be tree roots getting in the way, or something else major that needs to be addressed. Don’t hesitate when it comes to calling a plumber or technician.

4. The air smells funny.

If the air smells funny, it may be a sign of mold, and mold is treacherous. It is literally poisonous and, in large quantities, can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems, not to mention structural damage to your home. Mold grows well in moisture, which is another reason to check for coolant leaks or any other moisture that may have accumulated. While mold is a common issue, it’s a serious one.

5. Your house is always hot. Or always cold.


If your air conditioner won’t seem to cool your house, it may not be an air conditioner repair that’s required. It may be window repair instead. If your windows are leaky, that means they’re letting the cool air out and the heat in. And in the winter, your heating system will be working extra hard to heat your whole house. You can’t very well snuggle up with blankets and a podcast to ward off the boredom of being at home if your heating system isn’t working. You may need a new thermostat, but you may just need to seal off your living room windows. Checking your windows for a stray breeze is a great way to stave off boredom and save money on electric bills at the same time. You can even listen to a podcast while you’re checking.