Checklist for Moving a College Student Into Their First Apartment


College represents a significant turning point in a person’s life. College students have reached adulthood, and many experience independence for the first time.

Some college students opt to live in campus housing while others seek off-campus housing. Others start on campus and move to an apartment in their sophomore or junior year. Whether your college student’s a freshman or a junior, you can use this checklist to help them move into their first apartment.

Start by helping your college student get into their dream school.


Choosing the right major and school is crucial. Dropout rates are higher for students who pick the wrong program. Help your college student start on the right foot by helping them identify the right program for them and giving them the tools they need to get into their dream school.

Invest in a college application counselor. College admissions counselors help students identify programs and schools suited to their interests. When you invest in college application services, your college student will learn about various programs and schools, ensuring they’re aware of their best options for postsecondary students. Counselors help aspiring first-year students strengthen their college applications, ensuring they qualify for acceptance. This could involve pursuing extracurricular activities or acquiring work experience through an internship.

Current college students may also benefit from talking to a counselor if they’re unhappy with their current program to determine if they want to change programs or schools before signing a lease for their first apartment. Changing programs and schools can be time-consuming, and terminating a lease can compound their stress.

Talk about scholarships and finances.


College students enjoy independence, but many lack the skills to handle tasks such as budgeting. Start talking to your college student about finances before they finish high school. Teach them how to create and follow a budget. Discuss college costs and help them determine how much money they have available to rent an apartment to ensure they find suitable accommodations they can afford.

You can also help your college student apply for scholarships. Helping them identify options for financing and submit successful applications and ensuring they have the funds for school can help them focus on their studies instead of working during school, enabling them to balance their studies and personal life. Working college students may find it stressful to balance school and work.

Create a list of local resources.


Many apartments have building managers who handle repairs and tenant disputes while others are in multifamily properties. Many landlords provide essential appliances, but others leave it to the tenant to supply their appliances.

Ensure your college student knows who to turn to if they need their appliances repaired. Identifying the best appliance repair Bend, Oregon, company ensures they won’t have the added stress of finding qualified technicians when they need a repair service. Appliance repair technicians can repair refrigerators, ovens, freezers, washers, and dryers. They’re capable of repairing appliances from leading brands such as GE, Electrolux, and KitchenAid, ensuring your college student won’t have to worry about their ability to service their appliances.

Locate the essentials.

Make a list of essential items needed. If your college student opts for a furnished apartment, they may only need towels, toiletries, clothes, food, and dishes. If they rent an unfurnished apartment, they may need a bed, couch, chair, desk, and dining set. Buy the essentials they need.

Help them move.


Hire movers or get friends to help move your college student’s furniture and possessions into their new apartment. Moving can be time-consuming and physically demanding, so be sure to leave extra time and help your college student get settled before the semester begins.

Moving a college student into their first apartment begins with choosing the right school program to ensure your student finds an apartment in the correct location. Teaching them how to budget funds will also help them prepare for their move.