Home Design Ideas To Create An At Home Escape


Life is full of chaos. From long days at the office and housework awaiting you after hours to social and family responsibilities, it can seem like stress is the one quality you can depend on each day. You can only remove so much stress from your life⁠—after all, most of us can’t stop going to work or stop caring for your children or pets⁠—but you can work to offset the stressors in your day-to-day life.

One of the best ways to do just that is to create an at-home escape, a special space with an emphasis on warmth, softness, and whatever brings you comfort. Whether you go all-in with a full bathroom remodel for maximum comfort or you simply add a touch of velvety fur to your existing home décor, home improvement projects of any size will contribute to making your little slice of heaven the best⁠ — and most stress-free⁠ — it can be. Here are some ways for any homeowner to make their own little oasis to luxuriate in.

Bring the outdoors indoors.


Spending time in nature has plenty of benefits but, after a long, hard day, journeying to the local park can seem like too much effort. The solution? Invest in some flowers or greenery to bring a bit of that same nature home with you. Adding plants to your space can help provide clean air, boost your mood, and make your living space a better place to be. Admittedly, caring for your plants does add a bit of extra responsibility to your plate in terms of watering and otherwise caring for them. For an even more hassle-free spot of green, try including some faux foliage in your interior design plan.

Make your favorite room even better.


Whether you spend most of your leisure time in bed or live for your at-home spa days, certain rooms in your house provide an extra-special dose of relaxation. Depending on your budget, you can incorporate a few smaller changes to improve that space or opt for a full remodeling project for even greater results. Tampa bathroom remodeling by CMK Construction, for example, is a great place to turn for a bathroom remodel. With years of experience between their trained professionals with a luxury bath, new shower, or other master bathroom fixtures to create a luxurious, lounge-ready space⁠ — all at an affordable price.

Add a few personal touches.


When you’re turning to your favorite home décor fanatic in the pages of a magazine or Pinterest for inspiration, trends become ideal. But the best, most comforting designs combine trendy functionality with something more personal, like family photos, a kitschy statuette, or a brightly colored armchair. Try to incorporate at least a piece or two into your space that, without fail, brings a smile to your face every time you walk into the room.

Embrace a bit of hygge.


The Scandinavian concept of hygge is quintessentially comfy, ready to make you feel warm and at-home on even the coldest, most miserable day. Resources like chesserfeld.com can help you hygge-fy your home with a faux sheepskin rug, faux fur rug, or another bit of comfort underfoot without the high price-tag that usually comes along with a fur rug. With these rugs, you can get the look of real sheepskin or another animal hide while staying cruelty-free, whether you add a faux cowhide rug, faux fur rabbit rug, or other Chesserfeld pieces to your bedroom or luxury bath. Add some lavish faux fur throw pillows, a cozy blanket, and a warm mug of your favorite beverage for the ultimate hygge experience at home. These faux fur rugs have the right blend of fibers to make them so much like the real thing even you will think you’re luxuriating in authentic sheepskin.

Include all of your senses.


If you’ve treated these tips as a checklist, you’ll already have a head start here. For the most relaxing at-home escape, be sure to hit each of your senses while preparing your experience. Add some essential oils or candles to your newly-renovated master bathroom. Keep a few squares of dark chocolate on hand for a sweet treat. Take a moment to stroke your faux fur pillows or rest your tired feet on your coziest rug. Hang a few strands of fairy lights. Play your favorite songs, a calming classical playlist, or ambient sounds in the background. Make your space somewhere you want to be⁠ — in sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Taking some time away from the stresses of modern life won’t make your problems or responsibilities disappear but, with some extra-cozy adjustments, you can give yourself a much-needed escape. Pour a glass of wine, fill the tub with bubbles, and luxuriate in your favorite living spaces⁠ — real life will still be there when you wake up the next day.