Romantic Date Ideas for Empty-Nesters


There are many different wonderful seasons in a couple’s life together. You start out in that beautiful honeymoon phase, then you move into a time where you prioritize raising a family until finally, you find yourselves alone again when the kids all move out. Becoming empty nesters is an exciting time and a weird adjustment. Your kids have officially flown the nest, and now you get to enjoy each other’s company again without any distractions or other priorities.

As excited as you may be to get back to the basics of your relationship, it can be a weird and strange adjustment for your relationship. You’ve spent decades focusing on your family and all the crazy, hectic things life throws at you. Now, you get to slow down and remember all the things you love about this other person who has truly been your partner for so many years. As you move into the empty-nester stage, it’s important to continue dating each other and reengaging with those levels of intimacy. Here are just a few ideas for romantic evenings with your significant other now that your kids have officially flown the nest.

Plan an evening of intimacy.

Just because you’re an older couple who has had children, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy romance and intimacy. As you’re looking for date-night ideas, remember to prioritize finding that sexual intimacy once again. Plan a romantic evening where you can be comfortable with each other and find that level of vulnerability together. Maybe that includes a fancy dinner and nice champagne or just a quiet night at home cuddling up together. Whatever works best for you and your relationship.

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Try something new.

When you are raising a family, your interests tend to sit on the back-burner. Everything you do is about your kids, so you don’t have a lot of time to try something new. Well, now is the time to change all that. Be beginners at something together. Check your eligibility for different classes or activities and decide to go on that new adventure together. Whatever you used to have to keep out of the reach of children is now completely available for you both to enjoy together.

Get dressed up.

No matter how long you’ve been together, it can still be fun to prepare for and get dressed up for date night. Take the time to plan a special evening where you can look your best and get a nice reservation. Pull out those magnetic eyeliner lashes or lash extensions and liquid liner that make you feel sexy again. A little mascara can go a long way in planning and enjoying a special night together.

Revisit old memories.

As empty-nesters, you’ve clearly shared a lot together. From your early days dating to raising a beautiful family to now enjoying the older years together. One great, romantic date night idea could be taking time to revisit those old memories together. Go out for a movie as you did on your first date, visit the place where you got engaged, take a trip to another city that means something special to you both. Some of the most romantic dates you can go on are the ones where you celebrate each other by celebrating the life you’ve lived together.