Simple Home Improvements That Save Money in the Long-Run


For months now, the ongoing coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way we live in various ways. The COVID-19 crisis impacts how we go to work and school, attend public events, buy food, and interact with other people. Some people may be amazed to learn about another effect of the COVID-19 pandemic: increases in home remodeling and improvement projects.

The current health crisis has caused many people to cut back on how much they go out to eat or forgo traveling for vacations, allowing them to save money. As a result, many homeowners may use extra money to complete home renovation projects, which can ultimately raise their home’s value. The most in-demand remodeling jobs and additions include outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, and swimming pools. Home extensions and additions experienced a 52 percent increase while having fences installed and repaired is up a whopping 166 percent. In addition to exterior renovations and security and privacy measures such as fence installations, interior remodeling jobs experience growth in popularity and demand, too. Kitchen and bath remodeling projects increased by 40 percent this past June, a boost compared to last year.

The scope of home remodeling and renovation projects can focus on kitchens, bathrooms, adding bonus rooms, or improving the home’s exterior as well. The price tag for home renovations can start from anywhere around $18,339 to as much as $76,117, per data collected by HomeAdvisor. The overall costs of the home renovation can vary. Prices depend on the materials used in remodeling jobs, the contractors you consult to do each project, your property’s age, the extent of the repairs needed, any underlying issues with your home, the number of rooms remodeled, each room’s sizes, and more.


Home renovations increased during the summer, and this rise is likely to grow during winter. Imposed travel restrictions and CDC recommendations for people to stay home during the holiday season reduce the chances that homeowners will go on winter vacations this year, allowing people to use their vacation funds on home improvement projects instead. A recent homeowner survey revealed that approximately 76 percent of homeowners would remain home during the holidays, while an estimated 28 percent intend to upgrade their homes’ comfortability and energy efficiency during winter.

Despite the economic setbacks resulting from the coronavirus crisis, home prices see continuous gains as the demand for housing still surges. For this reason, the home equity many homeowners have now is likely higher than compared to before the pandemic began. Homeowners interested in sprucing up and remodeling their properties can make the home improvements listed below to save money.

1. Regularly have your AC and heating system repaired or replaced.

Major household appliances such as air conditioning and heating systems can glitch or malfunction when they lack the deep cleanings they require. Uncleaned and outdated air conditioners, heaters, and filters can be breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi that can threaten homeowners’ and residents’ wellbeing and health. Broken ACs and heaters can be catastrophic for household functioning and require costly repairs if they don’t receive servicing before issues worsen. Homeowners should have their residential HVAC systems—heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology— and filters cleaned, serviced, and upgraded by professionals sooner rather than later. Additionally, having professionals conduct preventive inspections of ACs and heaters enables homeowners to detect and avoid severe malfunctions before they occur.

2. Keep your plumbing systems in working order.

Internal pipes and plumbing fixtures need attention because your household runs on having clean, working water. It’s crucial for homeowners to watch out for indicators of exposed pipes and other plumbing issues. Low water pressure and clogged drains can be signs of debris buildup or a leak. Additionally, mold, water damage, clogged garbage disposals, broken or raised floor tiles, rugs with water stains, backed-up sinks, showers, and toilets, and tubs that drain slowly or not at all are common signs that a drainage system isn’t working the way it should.


Homeowners can benefit from consulting a local plumbing company and having professionals inspect the kitchen and bathroom pipes and fixtures inspected for water damage, corrosion, and other issues. Residents of Bastrop County, TX and surrounding areas, for instance, can consult the best local Bastrop plumbers to provide necessary inspections and high-quality sewage and pipe repairs. Skilled plumbers can use robust plumbing equipment to show homeowners the condition of the pipes running under their properties, quickly and safely evaluate any damages, meet their plumbing needs, and make their plumbing systems more functional and efficient.

3. Improve your home’s water quality by upgrading the water system.

Once plumbers enhance your plumbing system, it’s vital to ensure your water supply provides clean water so you can meet needs such as cooking and drinking. Homeowners can eliminate water issues by getting the most advanced water filtration system for their homes. Supplementing your home’s current water supply with a high-quality water filter can help you eliminate potentially harmful impurities or contaminants.


A reverse osmosis system or other water filtration system can do a great job providing water treatment that improves the health and safety of your water quality. The reverse osmosis filter, for instance, might be the best solution for homes where the plumbing caused the tap water faucet source to be rusty and have odors. Water filtration solutions with equipment serviced and maintained by expert filtration technicians can filter and dispense water, improving how it tastes and making it more refreshing and healthy.

4. Fix up any eyesores.

Updating the internal and external paint on your property can increase its curb appeal: its condition and visual attractiveness as seen by neighbors, community members, guests, and prospective homebuyers. Other ways to improve your home’s look and functioning are to upgrade your light fixtures, replace keyholes or doorknobs that no longer look good or work properly, and get rid of and replace eyesores like outdated or uncomfortable furniture in the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or den. Decluttering and reorganizing your rooms while you’re upgrading your property can be beneficial. Removing belongings you no longer use, need, or want, can make your home feel and look more spacious.

Many people opt to house their family heirlooms, keepsakes, memorabilia, and other cherished belongings in the garage or a shed on the property. Suppose you’re going to temporarily keep everyday items and furniture in your garage to keep them from being ruined during home improvement jobs and store extraneous possessions out there, too. In that case, it’s essential to follow an organized storing system, so you don’t clutter your garage.


Considering the amount and the weight of the belongings homeowners typically store in their garages, it’s crucial that homeowners improve their garage floor coating. Homeowners should turn to professionals who can offer various finishes for their garage floor: concrete floor or epoxy floor coating. Professionals skilled in installing a new garage floor can guarantee homeowners that their floors will be more durable and resistant to abrasions, changing temperatures, and sun damage. In properties where garage floors often get exposed to water or even an extreme chemical, textured finishes enable homeowners to enhance safety and prevent slips and falls.

By making specific home improvements, you can enable your household to look and function its best.