What Are the Steps of Backyard Pool Installation?


Adding outdoor features to your property is a great way to expand your usable living space. For some, this may mean adding a patio, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen. For other homeowners, turning their backyard into a recreational destination involves installing a pool.

Pools come in various shapes and sizes. Pool contractors will design a pool for an acre of land or a smaller backyard. Your needs may vary based on your reasons for installing a pool. If you want a custom pool for regular exercise, you’ll want a larger pool. If you want to relax in the water and add a spa feature, you may be satisfied with a smaller pool. Whether you’re installing a large or small pool, following the steps outlined here ensures you’re ready to have your new pool installed.

Check local regulations.


Municipalities have bylaws residents must follow. Some may apply to homeowners with pools. Many communities require in-ground pools to be contained in a fully fenced yard. Safety features, such as safety nets, alarms, and enclosures, protect children and pets from accessing pools without supervision. Drowning’s one of the primary causes of death for children 14 years of age and under, underscoring the need for pool safety regulations.

Familiarize yourself with other regulations that may affect your plans. Suppose you live in a community with a homeowners association (HOA). HOAs have strict rules about what homeowners can do with their property. Your HOA regulations could affect the size of your pool, where your pool’s located, and what types of safety features you must install.

Create a design plan.


Experienced pool contractors, such as those with Hopkins Custom Pools, will work with you to create a satisfying custom pool design suited to your yard. Your pool builders will explain your options and help you decide the size and shape of your pool and the types of materials used. You can also choose colors for your design plans.

You can also choose between various spa features, such as waterfalls, water jets, and fountains. Determining the exact features you want to be included with your pool ensures the final product will be the pool of your dreams. Talk to contractors about any other projects you want to complete in your backyard. Perhaps you want to supplement your pool design with an outdoor room, an outdoor kitchen, or a fireplace.

Prepare your yard.


Before you can install your pool, you must clear the land. Turn to land clearing experts to prepare your yard. Land clearing pros can remove trees and other forms of vegetation. These experts will provide you with a free estimate, which you can use to finalize your budget. Land clearing pros also remove stumps. Stumps left behind from dead trees or trees you’ve had removed can interfere with building plans. They can also present a safety hazard. Stumps attract pests, such as termites and rats, which is another reason to remove any stumps from your yard when you’re preparing for a pool installation.

Ensure you have the financing required.


Pool builders offer a free estimate, ensuring you know how much the project should cost. Financing options include applying for a home equity line of credit or a home equity loan. Home equity loans are suitable if you’ve built up equity in your home by making multiple mortgage payments. You could also secure a personal loan, although you’ll pay higher interest rates.

Install your pool.


Schedule your pool installation. You may need to make plans to vacate your home during the pool installation. Construction equipment makes a lot of noise, which is why it’s a good idea to have your pets stay with petsitters or put them in a kennel during construction. You could also opt to rent a pet-friendly motel room you can use during the day while your pool’s constructed. Once you’re pool’s installed, add appropriate safety features, such as a fence.

A pool can transform your outdoor space and give you the backyard of your dreams. Check local regulations and work with experienced pool builders to design your custom pool.