What to Do if You Can’t Fix Your HVAC Unit?


So you think you’ve discovered that your HVAC unit is beyond repair—try not to worry. It might not be an impossible fix after all. There are some simple steps homeowners like you can take when your air conditioner freezes up, furnace dies, or ventilation isn’t working correctly. After you’ve done your best troubleshooting work, reconsider throwing that air conditioner or furnace unit away. Instead, remind yourself that there are professionals who will come in and repair any HVAC system for an affordable price if you do your research.

In fact, it might be more cost-effective to have a technician come in for a simple AC repair than to run out to buy a new unit. With HVAC technicians on standby in all major cities and towns in the United States, a situation like this could be easier than finding the phone number of your last received call. The following are steps you can take when HVAC system issues arise.

Broken Air Conditioners


A broken air conditioning unit might be a big deal to a homeowner worried about the air conditioner in his or her home. But to a professional, the fix is likely easier than it appears. Instead of running to home improvement sites to price out new AC units, consider calling your local HVAC technician for a quote on a repair estimate.

There are perks to having an established relationship with an established HVAC service. While some legitimate companies will charge for the house call, many will put that same cost toward the total repair estimate should you choose to hire them. The best way to know is to ask and calling for a free estimate or even some troubleshooting tips that could be the difference between a hefty bill or a quick fix. And while you’re waiting for them to arrive for the appointment, step outside and away from that hot, heavy air in the house. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Furnace Issues


No different than air cooling units, furnace troubles can be alarming to the new homeowner who isn’t familiar with the complicated parts of a furnace or heating system that do break and wear over time. A professional will be able to quickly access the situation. What might have appeared to be an expensive problem could be as simple as a malfunctioning thermostat or dirty filters.

Better still, in working with a professional heating expert, you’ll be able to ask questions about regular maintenance that might keep problems away long term. Many HVAC experts also offer maintenance plans and before you know it, the professional you called for a quick fix could be someone you work with on a regular basis for all of your home or business heating and cooling needs. At the very least, you will have someone to call in the future if you decide to tackle furnace upkeep on your own.

Avoiding Scams

Licensed professionals are generally happy to offer free estimates on heating and cooling issues and repair services. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t repair hackers out there too. Be aware of personal ads for handymen if you want warrantied and quality work. To further avoid being taken advantage of, pay close attention to reviews online, state, and local licensing permits, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Places like Angie’s List for repair work reputation scores are a great way to double-check to be sure that the person coming to your home has your best interest at heart. Another way to be sure you get a true professional is to ask neighbors, friends, and family who they’ve worked with before. Who knows? They might even be able to lend you a spare air conditioner.