Why Your Appliances Are Making Strange Noises


Maintenance is one of your key responsibilities as a homeowner. Managing the upkeep of appliances, as well as interior and exterior features, is par for the course. It’s important for you to observe notable clues that indicate when it’s time to make upgrades or repairs as you want to keep your home in exceptional working order.

One of the easiest ways to determine whether your appliances need some extra TLC is to listen to the noises they make. If any drastic changes occur, it might be time to call a specialist to assess the problem at hand and to help you choose the most practical solution.

Concerning Noises

Appliances commonly make noise when they’re operating, so standard sounds attributed to these processes aren’t caused for concern. If the noises begin to take on a different tone or frequency, though, this may be an indication of a bigger problem. Noises such as rattling, banging, hissing, thumping, buzzing, and screeching are typically indicative of functional issues within the appliance itself. This is true for a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, radiator, heating system, or air conditioning unit. If you notice any of these strange noises, or if they’ve become more frequent over time, it’s best to contact a specialist for that specific appliance.

It’s always best to speak with someone who understands how to properly repair the appliance making these noises, as you’ll want to ensure any maintenance is done properly. Numerous issues cause your appliances to make strange noises, and a repairman assesses the problem in person to see what’s causing these changes. In some instances, you may be required to completely replace your machine, but a repairman works with you directly to help make this determination.

Common Problems

Depending on the type of noise your appliances are making, any number of issues can be occurring. Typically if you’re hearing a buzzing or hissing noise, the problem is electrical and requires the attention of an electrician. Don’t attempt to fix the appliance yourself unless you’ve received training in this area of repair.

Trying to undertake the maintenance yourself can lead to bigger issues and you may potentially put yourself at risk as well. This goes for anything that’s causing noise throughout your home. Rattling can indicate loose pieces, improper draining, or an accumulation of dirt and debris. Protect yourself and your house by contacting a repairman to take a look at your furnace, your refrigerator, your heating system, or anything else that has been making noise and keeping you up at night.

Make Those Upgrades

If you’ve been wanting to make upgrades, noisy appliances are a good indication that it’s time for a change. You can easily turn your house into a smart home with a few simple changes. Select energy-efficient appliances with helpful features, like Wi-Fi compatibility, to really improve the overall appearance and value of your home.

By choosing appliances with these features, you gain the advantage of being able to set a timer, pull up recipes, and give directions with ease. Connecting to a hub, like Google Home, for example, improves your ability to utilize these settings. Whether you want to set a timer on the stove or on the washing machine, upgrading your appliances allows you to make these modern commands.

Of course, if you can extend the life of your existing appliances by making repairs in lieu of upgrading or replacing the entire machine. This is cost-efficient and still helps you improve your daily chores. It’s smart to weigh the options carefully, though, as repairing an older appliance may inevitably cost more in the long run. Sometimes making a much-needed upgrade is the better choice as the appliance runs more efficiently, which cuts down on monthly expenses.